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“ I worked my way up the ladder in the camera department until I saved enough money to go to the American Film Institute. I worked on over twenty films. My best teacher and master has been Ken Loach. I learned his method while working on Land & Freedom and 2 other of his films. While I was making shorts and researching and writing my first feature, I made a living as camera operator which allowed me collaborate with other directors like Iñarritu, Meirelles, Spike Lee, Toni Scott and others. ”

—    Diego Quemada-Diez, Director of La Jaula de Oro


More images from our exclusive morning-after interview with Alfonso Cuaron photographed by Ture Lillegraven at the Chateau Marmont. You can read the fill interview here.

“ I hope with the success of this film that there’s an opportunity to tell her story, ‘cause she’s still writing it, she’s still out there on the front lines doing the stuff. ”

—    Rosario Dawson on playing Dolores Huerta in the new Cesar Chavez biopic. The actress, who knows and has worked with Huerta, would now like to bring her friend’s life to the screen.


A remake of ‘Scarface’ has been announced. The new version tells the story of a Mexican immigrant in Los Angeles.
Who would you cast in this role?